Turret Punch Press, Laser Cutting 
and Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sell Your Machinery Leads

One of the problems we have all experienced is that you know of projects but cannot pursue them.  So why not sell them to us.  We will pay for any lead(s) that are suitable and accepted by us.  If you have leads outside your local area, know of sales projects or have more projects than you can handle submit them to us.

The criteria for submission is as follows:

  • The prospect must not be a currently active account.
  • The prospect must actively be looking for equipment.
  • The contact information must be filled out completely.
Upon completion of a sale to the prospect, we will send to you a fee that equals 5% of the sales amount.

Note:  We reserve the right to refuse any submitted leads.  If leads are refused, 
NC MEC USA, will not use them in any way and return them to the sender.