Turret Punch Press, Laser Cutting 
and Sheet Metal Fabrication

Standard Features of the HPE-Series Electric CNC Turret Punch Press



= Rigid Bridge Frame

=  Clamp pullout & tool strip detection, and software defined work clamp protection zones

=  Electric Servo Ram provides the highest perfromance for punching and forming at the lowest operating cost.

=  Quick adjust Pass thru turret workclamps with carbide spikes. Three (3) clamps with 2500mm (98") axis

=  Brush table tops with ball material support at load station

=  Upper and lower turret tool station bushings

=  All turret stations accept keyed tooling

=  Two (2) Auto-Index stations 2 - 1 1/4") with 38 LA2(B) station turret.

=  Die holders have brushes for material support

=  Wheel Contouring, enables the machine to contour in X, Y, C (auto-index) and R (ram) axis 
     simultaneously using Wilson Wheel TM tooling.

=  Air eject and oil mist

=  Auto Lube system for axis gage

=  Sheet Repositioning

=  Pneumatic x-axis side gage

=  Tool Lifter/Balancer

=  SIEMENS 840D Machine Control

Other features include:

    • 15" color monitor
    • Interface Ethernet - Networking
    • Multi-tasking
    • 32MB Memory
    • Graphics part display
=  Installation and training** 

** See Terms and Conditions

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